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Artful Minds training props


  table of props In collaboration with Hearts & Minds CEO and Artistic Director, Magdalena Schamberger and supported by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund Award Contradictory Design developed props for an experiential training program, Artful Minds, designed to help and prepare creative practitioners to work with people with dementia. These props gave insights into what many people with dementia may experience and included Slanters (footwear that put the wearer off balance) and Blinkers (head-mounted blinders restricting peripheral vision).
The process started with a residency where various creatives and experts discussed their practices and experiences of working alongside people with dementia. Contradictory Design created prototypes which were tested at a trial training day. Observations and feedback on the trial allowed us to further refine the props for the open training day.
We also visually documented and archived the development process of the Artful Minds training program through photography and film which contributed to our writing and designing of the Artful Minds Training Development Report.


blinkers glasses slanters insoles
  end of residency residency ceramicartfulminds residency activity
  Training Day  


interaction02 interaction03 interaction panorama usingblinkers01 usingblinkers02 usingslanters01 usingslanters02 usingprops01