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  Non-therapeutic Tools of Grieving
To encourage a discourse around the often neglected subject of grieving.
Three final objects (mahogany, glass, cork, stainless steel, brass, aluminiium)
Objects, Exhibitions, Publications/Documents


Artful Minds training props
The design and making of several props to help artists gain experience of what it might be like to have some aspects of dementia for a training course developed by Magdalena Schamberger of the Hearts & Minds charity. Funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund Award.
(multiple media)
Objects, Photographs, Video recording, Publications/Documents

  Imperfect Structures
An exhibition exploring imperfect structures such as the social and the physical including relationships, mythology and materials
(multiple media)
Objects, Exhibition

  Ethanol Glass
Cocktail glass based on the molecular structure of ethanol
(Borosilicate glass)
  Perception, Empathy and Selfhood: An empathic design exploration of connecting with individuals who have dementia through dialogical props
Doctoral research using various theoretical frameworks and 'dialogical props' to connect with people with dementia.
(Multiple media)
Objects, Exhibition, Publications/Documents, Presentations
  Hand Series
Three-dimensionality in two dimensions
(Charcoal on cartridge paper, A2)
  On the Rag
Questioning perceptions of menstruation
(Multiple media, e.g. glass, wood, stainless steel)
Objects, Collaboration, Publications/Documents
  t-form - Critical Sweat
Speculative diagnostic tool challenging the way people think about sweat
Objects, Exhibitions (with video), Publications/Documents
  Graffitti Koru Series
Combining cultures and subcultures
(oxidised copper, stirling silver)

Bute Armchair
Style and luxury of a tailor made suit with accents to match
(Bute fabric)
Object, Exhibition
  Winter Wonderland
Contribution to the group exhibition Oasis and Floating Gardens, Fiskars
Objects, Exhibition
  iGEM (synthetic biology competition)
Designer on a multi-disciplinary team using bacteria DNA to create a circuit of E. coli that communicates through light.
Website, Poster, Presentation
  Staying Connected - An Evaluation
The evaluation of a funding scheme involving older people and the Elder's Council in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Publications/Documents, Event
Mental Health & Physical Activity
Initial research for County Durham Sport through workshops involving people with varying degrees of experience with and exposure to mental health issues and coaches
Publications/Documents, Workshops, Presentation


Bonsai Stool
3D printed stool showing potential of 3D printing
(original concept: titanium)