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non-therapeutic tools of grieving


single tear catcher cuticle rings husband stilts


All of these objects were based on real stories from real people. While there are commonalities everybody grieves differently.
This project was designed to encourage a discourse around grieving, a subject that is often neglected, particularly after a 'socially accepted' period of time. These artefacts give a voice to people who want, and possibly need, to talk about the life and death of their loved ones.

Single Tear Catcher
A tool to collect, store, record and remember emotion-filled events. The inspiration came from the shedding af a single tear at a funeral.

Cuticle Protectors
A device to help stop the picking and biting of one's nails. This behaviour was the result of a traumatic event in a woman's childhood.

Husband Stilts
A long with the emotional changes in a person's life after the death of a loved one there are also the physical realities that become apparent. For example, not being able to reach what your husaband used to reach for you.

Links to the project development blog and the making-of images.